Working for the comfort and well-being of people around the globe

The progression of globalization today has resulted in developing countries experiencing rapid economic growth—but has also meant that they face serious problems such as conflicts stemming from internal contradictions related to history, ethnicity and religion, for example; as well as continued expanding poverty due to economic disparity.

nd while initiatives related to global cooperation with developing countries are actively underway under the direction of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), which works to implement Official Development Assistance (ODA), there are times when it is difficult to work within the government's official ODA framework. On such occasions, support-related projects that are spearheaded by autonomously-operating non-governmental organizations (NGOs) play an invaluable role.

NGOs in Niigata Prefecture that are working for purposes of international cooperation have continued to engage in projects in a number of different fields, including education, social welfare, medicine and industry.

At the same time, however, such efforts on the part of single organizations (or even single individuals) undertaken in such areas as education, research and disaster-related policy face their own sorts of challenges and limitations.

The Niigata NGO Network was created for the purpose of providing opportunities for coordination between such organizations and individuals, as well as expanding and strengthening existing communication channels by attracting new members—as well as assisting with the development of members’ initiatives and other NGO-related activities.

Guidelines for action

I Education-related initiatives; partnership-building

Information regarding members' projects is widely disseminated both within and outside Niigata Prefecture through means including newsletters and international festivals. In addition to deepening understanding on the part of local citizens with regard to NGO-related activities, partnerships are also encouraged through the close communication that is fostered among member organizations via the mutual exchange of information.

In addition, regular and supporting members are also recruited through the above types of initiatives.

II Human resource development

In order to ensure that NGOs continue their activities and become even more active, opportunities for learning are provided to local citizens who have an interest in NGO-related work—thereby also cultivating a new generation of individuals to continue carrying on such action.

III Inquiries/research

In order to adapt to fluctuating situations overseas, inquiries and research are conducted on an ongoing basis.

At present, the Niigata NGO Network organizes and facilitates periodic international education research seminars, which offer participants—primarily, elementary, junior high school and high school teachers—the opportunity to enhance the education that they provide in the area of international understanding.

IV Collaboration with other organizations

By utilizing our network, members are able to strengthen their relationship with outside bodies, including governmental organizations and additional groups working in the area of international cooperation—thereby enabling a synergy effect with respect to NGO-related activities.

In addition, we help facilitate collaborative rescue and fundraising-related actions following large-scale natural disasters in developing countries.


Member recruitment

The Niigata NGO Network (N-Net) is comprised of NGOs in Niigata Prefecture that are working in the field of international cooperation, along with their supporters.

Members provide support for one another's activities, such as attending each other's events and exchanging information.

Any organization or individual sharing the ideals of the network is welcome to become a member.

Member services

Member services include the following:

  • Invitation to participate in various events, workshops, lectures, etc.
  • Distribution of N-Net newsletters to all network members
  • Provision of various information/materials
  • Ability to utilize the network's website for information publicity purposes

Annual membership fees

Regular members:
Students: 1,000 yen
Individuals: 5,000 yen
Organizations: 8,000 yen

Supporting members: Minimum of 10,000 yen. Please make payments in denominations of 10,000 yen (i.e., 20,000, 30,000, etc…)

Please pay membership fees via postal transfer as follows:
Account number: 00570-8-100387
Account name: Niigata NGO Network

Please join our international cooperation initiatives!

List of members (organizations, individuals, and supporting member organizations)
* Listings are alphabetical in accordance with the order of the Japanese syllabary

Asia Craft Link
Myanmar-based organization supporting regional development via the methods of "One Village, One Product" and fair trade
SAWAYAKA- kikaku
Organization in India that spearheaded the Katagiri Village, which provides spaces for children's recreation such as school and playground maintenance projects, and also plays an important role in local communities
Niigata API Association
Organization providing support for children's hospitals, and agricultural development in low-income regions, in southern Sri Lanka
JOCV Niigata
Group of former participants in the Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers program that presently has more than 300 members
Niigata Association of Student Volunteers for International Aid (NASVIA)
Association comprised mostly of university students working in the area of international aid and global understanding through projects such as providing educational support in Laos
International Art College of Niigata
Institution working to make Niigata Prefecture a global art exchange hub through such initiatives as holding international art exhibitions and study abroad workshops
Niigata PNG Association
Organization working to provide educational opportunities, facilities and materials for children -- our most precious resource!
Niigata International Volunteer Center
Association whose initiatives include educational support in Vietnam, agricultural development assistance in Laos, development education services in Niigata, and cultivation of global human resources
Niigata Fairtrade  Promotion Committee
Organization whose projects include creating fair trade maps in Niigata Prefecture and encouraging fair trade initiatives in industrialized countries
Japanese Association for the Promotion of Health in Myanmar
Supporting medical care in Myanmar, where the average life expectancy is 60 years
EDF-Japan・Niigata Liaison Group
Organization overseeing scholarships for children to attend school in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar
Yume no Hashi
Group working to produce, coordinate, and present translated performances of traditional Japanese picture-story shows such as "The Story of the Turtle"  and "Moon Rabbit"
Global-World NARNIA
Fair trade store located 20 minutes from Niigata Station, near Nuttari-Yotsukado, that has been operating for 18 years
Rerun fairtrade  & ecology
Shop featuring items such as fair trade handicrafts, organic cotton clothing, accessories, etc.
Fairtrade Shop lanapu
Store working under the premises of "sharing through fair trade" and "international cooperation through shopping"
Number of registered members (as of February 29, 2016):
Organizations: 13
Individuals: 30
Supporting Members: 13
Total: 56